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def. > A unique, individually led business or ministry; under-resourced, but full of passion and talent with an others centered vision.

RSAs are the real pioneers of innovation, and the backbone of American prosperity.

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Ken Bertin Signs does ALL sign types. Big and small throughout New Mexico and West Texas.

Ken Bertin, a champion for the Real Small Adventure, is an Image Expert and a broker in graphic design, printing, and sign production.

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Your promotional ideas and marketing strategies are sound, tried, and true!


From flyer blanketing, to on-the-street introductions with (bless you) one-minute pitches, to contacting corporate entities to seek large accounts; all - ALL - have been winning tickets!"

Terry, Martial Arts School Owner

Are you aware that as a Real Small Adventure operating in a small community, you have five unique advantages over the big dogs? It’s true!

If you own a business or are pioneering a non-profit or a ministry in a small community you don’t have to be told that achieving your dreams in Small Community, USA can be difficult. The challenges are obvious - Traditional advertising venues either do not exist or are very pricey. The population from which you pull your prospects is small and quirky. Travel distances are often substantial. Communication options can be shaky. The local economy is typically sub-par. And you are likely not made of money, doing almost everything by yourself.


Seeing the awesome advantages you have may not be easy at first, but they are there, and the Real Small Adventure who capitalizes on them gains the upper hand surprisingly quick. Let me pass these advantages on to you...


#1. You know everybody. An unusually large proportion of people know you, or know someone who would refer you. This does not mean that you know more people because you live in a small community. The reverse is probably true. But, you know a greater PERCENTAGE of humans than your counterparts doing business in large populations. Even if you don’t know a specific individual, chances are you know someone who does and would be willing to refer you. In a small community like yours, you can connect with most of the movers and shakers by plugging into only a few key social circles.

#2. You can be everywhere at once. Compared to big cities, your community has fewer physical locations where “everyone” goes. That means you have fewer places to keep a presence in than your big city brothers and sisters. I'll bet that within TEN STOPS you could cover every public gathering place in your market area. Capitalize on this fact right now by making sure you have a presence at each location (posters, coupons, sponsorships, etc.).


#3. Everyone knows you by sight. In my community, my wife always knows where I have been, because everyone tells her where they’ve seen me! This is a wonderful advantage that you MUST jump all over. Every time you are out in public make sure you are dressed for success, whatever that “dress code” may be. Even if you aren’t working. Especially if you aren’t working. If you are known locally as The Painting Lady, then ALWAYS be dressed like a painter. Make sure your vehicle(s) are easily identified from a mile away (literally). Make sure you use the same logo and the same colors all the time when you advertise.


#4. You can be on “First and Main”. You know what we're talking about - that one intersection downtown that everyone passes by at least once a week. More than likely there are several such key locations. Make sure you have a presence at every one of those spots. You’re going to have to be creative to make this a reality. Look for win-win collaborations with existing business owners. Think outside the box on how you can maximize the spot within the unique constraints it presents.

#5. You don't need a million bucks. Because the advertising options are so few, and because the community population is so small, you don’t have to advertise on a large scale like your big city counterparts. Pick the top five media formats YOU can market best in, and then pour everything you’ve got into maximizing the results in those outlets.