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“Bouncing ideas together and offering encouragement to chase after or implement the good ideas has been very fruitful!”

Guy Malone, Certified Bitcoin Professional and Founder/Publisherof RoswellMission.org and RosGuide.com

THE passion of The Real Small Adventure is to see nothing less than every real small adventure realizing their big dreams!

Every day, we are empowering Real Small Adventures to seize their big dreams through constant encouragement and by making simple, RSA-specific action tools readily available for hard work to produce hardcore results.


Specifically, we do this in three ways…


The RSA Compass is an always free e-magazine that champions real small adventures across world. It is our passion to see nothing less than every real small adventure realizing their big dream!

This monthly publication embodies everything The Real Small Adventure is about - bringing practical, proven tools that are simple to put into action and affordable! (Free IS affordable, right?)

Every issue includes interviews with RSA Treps who have made things work for them, simple growth tools, start up advice, and LOADS of other tips and tricks for achieving your big dream.

Each issue also has a powerful bonus: FREE Turnkey Marketing Campaigns! These campaigns are typically universal (applicable to any RSA type - business, ministry, or non-profit) and low cost to no cost to implement.

And of course they are designed with the RSA in mind - We know your time is limited and that you didn’t start your adventure to become a marketing guru. The work is done FOR you!

Did we mention it’s ALL free?


If you are ready to self evaluate the effectiveness of your entire adventure strategy from planning, to start up, to living the dream; and to make the necessary adjustments to get on track (and stay on track) towards realizing the real big dream for your real small adventure, then the RSA Masters Club is for you!

In the Masters Club, members track through three specialized e-workshops every month - Workshops specifically designed for people in the planning stages of their adventure, people who have been working their adventures for awhile now and want to grow, and people who are ready to build strong teams in their adventures.

These monthly self-assessment e-workshops contain step by step processes for realizing the vision including…

Initial startup planning, creative financing, info on credit card processing and software such as PayPal, Square, Quickbooks, Constant Contact, etc., all the legal steps required to open, strategies for a grand opening marathon that make it possible to break even in just three months, info for building your website and social media presence yourself, endless marketing campaigns, RSA-specific sure-fire sales strategies, employee and volunteer management resources, and MORE, MORE, MORE!

You’ll also have access to a plethora of additional extremely discounted materials covering specific subjects for your unique situation.


The heartbeat of the Real Small Adventure is Personal Relationship. You will hear us tout that mantra over and over again. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we offer personalized one-on-one coaching*.

What may surprise you is the cost. Most business coaches charge $200 to $2000 for a single session! Don't worry. We know that you are an RSA. Your coach will work with you to create a coaching plan that WILL FIT your budget.

*You must be a Masters Club member to enter into our RSA Coaching program. Coaching sessions begin at $60 per hour with 20 minute segments available.


Picture, if you will, a big dinosaur - a long necked one with a fat belly and a long tail dragging behind. Our economy is a lot like that dinosaur, with the big bellied body of the beast representing the mega corporations and big box stores of our nation. The few big dogs do seem to own a huge portion of the pie when it comes to market share. At first glance, one might think they have ALL of the market!

But, a rising trend in market domination has been occurring. There is a loooong tail on that beast, comprised of millions of mom and pop shops that are popping up and taking their share of the market all over the country. Individually, the little guys don’t seem to get much of the money pie. But, collectively, they are becoming a force to be reckoned with. And that tail is growing longer every year!

This “long tail” is comprised of unique, individually led businesses and ministries. They are woefully under-resourced, but full of passion and talent with an others centered vision. We call them the Real Small Adventure.


YOU are probably a Real Small Adventure. You are already operating, or dream about starting, a mechanic shop, a beauty salon, a home based MLM business, a non-profit organization to address a painful need in your community, etc., etc. - the list is endless.


Real Small Adventures are the real pioneers of innovation, and the backbone of American prosperity. We are the people who are really employing the masses. We are the people who are really building the economy. And we are the people who are really bearing the most risk and heartache to do so.


Real Small Adventures - these little businesses and ministries and non-profit organizations - are filling a need that the big dogs can’t. The big dogs wish they could, and they spend billions every year trying to figure out how they can do it. But, their very nature precludes them from ever being able to do what the little people do so easily.


What is that need? The desire to be treated with respect as a unique individual. People have tried the big box stores and, although they liked the prices, they have grown weary of being treated like nothing more than a number. People want personalized attention more and more these days, and they are willing to pay a little extra to get it.


Real Small Adventures fill this need in spades. We can offer the same quality product as the big box stores (often times better), but we can do it with a rare personalized touch. It costs us a little more to do so. But, again, people are becoming more and more willing to pay the difference, IF we can really deliver that one on one experience they are craving.


Our very nature gives us a HUGE market advantage. For the first time in decades, the little guy can once again compete and make a real living doing what they love to do.


Welcome to the age of the Real Small Adventure!


Ken Bertin founded THE Real Small Adventure in 2010 after years of research on how to grow the dreams of all Real Small Adventures. He is married to his Country Cutie, Cindy, and has a son who is chasing his own dream as an RSA. Mr. Bertin is a fourth degree black belt, an artist, an author, and a certified life coach. He runs his own Real Small Adventures in the very small, but very well known, town of Roswell, New Mexico.

Hi! My name is Ken, and I am a champion for the Real Small Adventure.

I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, and I have been a trep my entire life. At first, being in business for myself was outrageously painful. I had a lot of heart to succeed, and a real passion for my work. But, I could never do more than just make ends meet financially.

All I was doing was paying the business’ bills. I wasn’t making enough to save for my son’s education. I couldn’t buy health care. I couldn’t afford a vacation. I certainly wasn’t going to ever be able to retire!


I tried everything to be successful – sales seminars, marketing tapes (yes, that dates me), a library of self-help books, and frequent visits to the Small Business Administration. I even read the “secret weapon” book Guerrilla Marketing! Nothing seemed to help.


I knew it was possible to succeed. I saw successful businesses all around me; and like a freckle-faced school girl looking at glamour magazines, watching others thrive while I could barely survive got me pretty discouraged.


Thank God my eyes were opened to a truth that helped me realize why all the expensive tricks and business success tips I was feverishly running through weren't working out for me. It was a truth about my small business format that was extremely simple and so very obvious once it clicked.


You know what that truth was? The truth was - I wasn't actually a small business! I was, and am, a Real Small Adventure.


There IS a difference between the two. Understanding this truth began a journey of discovery in adventure strategy that not only worked for my unique situation, but produced in spades!


I found out that it was OK to be really tiny. I discovered that I actually had some wonderfully unique advantages in the marketplace because of my size. And I learned that I could grow my business into a real money maker without any substantial capital to start with.


Best of all, these techniques worked for ANY industry, even my work in non-profit community organizations and ministry!


What is a Real Small Adventure?

We, the people of the Real Small Adventure, have been a part of the American economy since before the formation of our great nation. Unfortunately, we lost our identity a couple of generations back when we were lumped into a category the government conveniently labeled “small business”. Once we forgot who we were and how we operate best, and tried to conform to something we weren’t, things began to go badly for the Real Small Adventure. Today there are more of us than ever before, and most of us are struggling more than ever before.

Picture, if you will, two fists full of fingers representing all of the many different kinds of businesses in America - 29 million of them according to Forbes.com, and over 50 million if you include ministries and non-profit organizations.


How many of those ten fingers do you think represent what the Small Business Administration defines as “small business”? Would you believe NINE of those ten fingers? Yep… 48 million strong.


There are actually less than 2 million “big dogs” in our nation - the corporations that we see most easily. There really aren’t that many of them. While it is true that big business employs a LOT of people, the reality is that we little guys are the ones who employ the MAJORITY of people. Contrary to what we are led to believe in the media, small businesses and organizations have a HUGE impact on our national economy; way more than most people realize.


There is a stunning volume of information, coaches, and gurus - even the government’s SBA - standing by ready to help those 48 million “small” operations. It only makes sense, right - seeing as how there are so many of them?


Unfortunately, there are actually way fewer “small” businesses and organizations than what statistics lead us to believe. WAY FEWER. This is because the official SBA definition of a small business is one which employs fewer than 500 people. When you categorize “small” that way, then the one truck parade shows up in the same statistics as a business with 499 employees. But, there is a HUGE gap between the realities of the one or two person organization and those who have achieved a larger, more self sustaining mass.


Here’s the kicker... EIGHT of those nine “small business/organization” fingers are actually the dreams of only one or two persons. They don’t have many, if any, employees. They are really, really small - so tiny as to not show up on the “small business help” radar. Most of these businesses and organizations are grossing less than fifty thousand dollars a year, and the visionaries are usually holding a second job somewhere just to make ends meet.


It is these eight fingers that make up the REAL body of small businesses and organizations in our nation. And NONE of them are benefited by the “small” powers that be, because they are merely one man shows with a whole lot of heart and very little money.


They don’t have the time or resources to put into practice the burdensome tactics of success that are touted by the popular success culture. They are too busy just surviving. And even if they weren’t, they simply operate on a level that the traditional larger organization doesn’t deal with. The success laws that govern the ebb and flow of bigger worlds do not apply in the real small universe.


The Small Business Administration actually has a name for these businesses and organizations. They call them “Micros”. And they don’t really offer a lot of help for micros, because it is just assumed that micros cannot survive. On paper, it is a sad fact… Micro businesses and organizations don’t have enough clout to take root and thrive. On paper, it cannot be done. But anyone with their eyes open can see that human ingenuity and passion can carry a micro a looooong distance past the edges of “paper”.


These high passion, low resource pioneers that shouldn’t be able to exist are what I call the Real Small Adventure.

Real Small Adventure [REE-uhl . SMAWL . ad-VEN-cher]

def. > A unique, individually led business or ministry; under-resourced, but full of passion and talent with an others centered vision. RSAs are the real pioneers of innovation, and the backbone of American prosperity.

When I discovered what kind of business I really was, and that I faced unique challenges the “normal” small business did not face, I was a little nervous. But, I was also elated to find out I wasn’t alone. I was even more excited to discover the very special advantages a Real Small Adventure had.

You heard me right - Real Small Adventures have a wonderfully unique ADVANTAGE over all the other business and organization types. Five advantages, to be specific; what I have come to call the Five Big Secrets of the Real Small Adventure.


These secrets really aren’t that “secret”. I only call them that because they have been so elusive to pinpoint for so long by so many. Some have discovered the secrets accidentally through trial and error, without being able to put a label on them. When I was able to identify those secrets, my whole world changed almost overnight. I went from simply surviving, to actually thriving!


I am sick of Real Small Adventures being the underdog in this economy, when they are actually such a powerful majority. And I am fed up with watching so many people just like me struggling, and far too often failing, in business, in their ministries, and in their quests to help others; just because of an easily fixed identity problem.


So I am a Champion for Real Small Adventures. I have dedicated my life to uncovering the secrets of success that are unique and effective for MY kind of people, and to passing along those secrets to anyone with the guts to use them - like YOU.


This is the Real Small Adventure!