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As a Masters Club member, you'll receive THREE info-packed e-workshops every month that you can use to build your Real Small Adventure. Each workshop educates you on the principles behind the success, and walks you through the action steps necessary to turn the idea into a reality!

If you are ready to self evaluate the effectiveness of your entire adventure strategy from planning, to start up, to living the dream; and to make the necessary adjustments to get on track (and stay on track) towards realizing the real big dream for your real small adventure, then the RSA Masters Club is for you!

Masters Club members pay a small monthly fee of $19.99 with a twelve month commitment. There are no additional hidden costs or surprises.


ONLY $19.99 a Month!

Membership carries additional benefits...

  • Access to personal coaching.

  • Invitations to special seminars.

  • Fellowship in a like-minded community.

  • Access to "mastermind" groups.

  • Extra discounts on optional services (like web design, business cards, etc.).

  • Extra discounts on our IMAPRO e-books.

  • Plenty of encouragement and support!

As an added bonus to enrolling in the RSA Masters Club, you'll receive the e-version of our flagship book "The Five Big Secrets of the Real Small Adventure", a $49.95 value, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

In the "Five Big Secrets", you'll discover the number one greatest ADVANTAGE you have over big box stores, and how that advantage makes it possible for your Real Small Adventure to succeed even when you are competing against multi-million dollar businesses and mega-organizations.

You'll learn how to create a mission statement that focuses your energies like a laser to create real results real fast. As a Real Small Adventure, you can't afford to take the time to learn complex processes for marketing, sales, and delivery; and you definitely can't afford the time or finances necessary to implement them. You'll see how simplicity and focus makes everything easier AND more productive.

You'll also discover the key ingredients to success for ANY Real Small Adventure; whether you are a restaurant, a multi-level-marketing home based business, an auto mechanic, or a non-profit ministry. You'll see how there are just a few areas to focus on that will produce in spades for achieving your Big Dream.


ONLY $19.99 a Month!



You can start enjoying your membership benefits almost immediately when you get

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  • Attached FREE flagship e-book: "The Five Big Secrets of the Successful Real Small Adventure"

  • Workshop #1: Creating Your Navigation Statements

   How to develop your Vision Statement, your Mission Statement, your Culture, your Personality, and four other key areas that will become the skeleton upon which your entire adventure works.


  • Workshop #2: The Five Key Operational Areas for RSA Success

   Once you understand that all Real Small Adventures actually only have five key component areas to their operations, you'll see how easy it is to focus on what is important to make your Big Dream come true.

  • Workshop #3: The Hyper-Critical Areas to Address in Every Team

   There are a few extremely important aspects of team building (whether you are working with employees or volunteers) that must be addressed with excellence in order to capitalize on the synergy that comes with having people working alongside you towards the realization of your Vision. Get these wrong, and you'll struggle to get results from your people.

  • A Special 'Welcome Gift" You Are Sure to Love!


ONLY $19.99!

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If you are not satisfied with your RSA Masters Club membership for any reason within your first 30 days, we won't bill you for the next 11 payments. 


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