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We do ALL sign types. Big. Small. Short. Tall. We do them ALL!


Sign options exist that are very affordable, but amazingly versatile and durable. Banners can be printed full color these days that last a long time when mounted correctly. OPTIONS: Plastic signs, bandit signs (yard signs), real estate signs, vehicle decals, magnetic signs, a-frame (sandwich board) signs, retractable banner stands, window decals, etc. Check out the elegant image that is conveyed with my unique "etched glass" decal application (pic to the left)!


Most sign producers make their signs these days by printing full color graphics on a single sheet of vinyl decal material that is laid on a board of some kind (the substrate). My standard boards are 4'x8' and 5'x10' ACM panels (Aluminum Composite Material) that have a 30 year outdoor durability! These can be cut to any size. I use top quality UV protected decals. My signs last on average up to 10 years, and even 5 years in the south facing sun.


Lighted signs are expensive, to be sure. But my sign cabinets last up to 30 years, with LED module lighting that uses very little power, shines seriously bright, and lasts for 50,000 hours (5 year average). Lighted signs can be made in any shape and size, including individual channel letters and logo boxes. Notice the monument sign pictured here... Elegant street side appeal, backlit "halo" effect on the logo, and the text shows up black in the daytime.


You read it right. I am a distributor for a sign product that comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Even if the wind blows it away. Even if a bear eats it. Even if an alien spaceship abducts it... Guaranteed. For life. And these three dimensional letters and logos look and feel as ultra quality as they come! You'll be surprised how affordable they really are.


  1. We have the Ability AND the Experience:

    1. We understand construction plans & specifications

    2. We understand “legalese” and contract terms

    3. We have complete in-house design & engineering

    4. We know ALL of the sign zoning codes, shortcuts, and pitfalls

    5. We know how to avoid contractual issues & potential hassles

    6. We have decades of experience in similar type projects

  2. We are Committed to treating you RIGHT:

    1. We LISTEN to what you want

    2. We have a service department to take good care of you

    3. Our flexibility is second to none (you want it - you got it!)

    4. Our response time is 24 hours… Usually less!

  3. We have a Professional and Capable workforce:

    1. We have properly trained professional field crews

    2. We have English and spanish speaking supervisors

    3. Our supervisors can make decisions on site

    4. We have large enough crews and equipment for the job

    5. Our workload enables us to meet deadlines

    6. We insist on quality workmanship at every step of your project

  4. Our sales team are Professional Advisors here to help YOU:

    1. We listen to what you want, and can suggest options you may not have known were available

    2. We have presentations skills that are professional, informative, and enjoyable

    3. We will stay with you during every stage of the project

    4. We will be there for you long after the “sale” is done

  5. Our Image is impeccable:

    1. We pride ourselves in our great safety record

    2. We maintain a spotlessly clean jobsite

    3. We conduct ourselves likes professionals on the job site; we watch our language; and we keep clean, sharp uniforms

  6. We are a Financially Secure business partner:

    1. We have the financial strength & capacity to deliver

    2. We can create payment schedules that meet your budget

    3. We are insured and capable of backing up all of our guarantees